Microsoft Should Stop Targeting the iPad

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I'll be clear upfront: I'm not a fan of the Surface 2 tablet and the Lumia phone. I don't like the feel of the Lumia, and I don't like the operating system on the tablet. I tried! I honestly did.

But I'm not everyone, and my preferences don't really matter.

Sure, call me an Apple (AAPL) "fanboy" because I prefer the size and feel, look and operating system of its products. Before that, I was a BlackBerry (BBRY) user and I'll be honest, I loved my setup at the time.

But other people seem to like the Surface 2 tablet, especially people who use Windows computers. Different strokes, I guess.

But this is why Microsoft has its advertising cannon pointed at the wrong company: Apple. 

The marketing campaign would have you believe that Apple's iPad is grossly overpriced while the Surface 2 is much cheaper.

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For the 16-gigabyte iPad Air Wi-Fi, the base model, consumers pay $499. The 32-gigabyte base model of the Surface 2 is priced at $449. 

I'll admit that the 32-gigabyte iPad Air has a loftier price of $599.

But it's not like the Surface is that much cheaper, especially for the base models. What's more, the Surface Pro 2 model starts at $899 for the 64-gigabyte model, vs. Apple's only $699 iPad Air 64-gig model. 

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