Hasbro Survey Finds 78 Percent Of Americans Plan To Party At Home This New Year’s Eve

For the second year in a row, when the clock strikes Twelve on New Year’s Eve, the majority of Americans will find themselves ringing in the New Year at home instead of out on the town, according to a new survey by Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS). Seventy-nine percent of women and 76 percent of men, up from 70 percent last year, will opt for a more low-key celebration. To make the most of a festive night at home, Hasbro recommends some friendly game night competition to get the good times rolling on December 31.

And while most (56 percent) seem to want to keep the competition light and friendly, 81 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds admit to “bending the rules” in order to win when playing games. It turns out it’s not all fun and games for everyone, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast, the two regions that admit to “bending the rules” the most.

To ensure a New Year’s party (or any holiday party!) is a memorable one, Hasbro worked with entertaining expert Julie Edelman, “The Accidental Housewife,” to come up with some helpful advice for New Year’s revelers. “The most important part of New Year’s Eve is appreciating the people you’re with and celebrating the holidays with friends and loved ones in a lighthearted and special way,” said Edelman. “It’s not about being somewhere fancy but rather it’s about the quality time shared as we say goodbye to one year and welcome in the next. A night at home spent laughing and having fun over games is the perfect way to connect and do just that.” Edelman’s tips for a memorable and seamless game night include:
  • SERVE FUN FINGER FOODS that are easy to eat with one-hand so you can put on an oversized green foam finger and play the hilarious new POINTING FINGERS game with your family & friends.
  • PARTY & PLAY AT ONCE! Get the party started instantly with  CATCH PHRASE, the pass-it, shout-it, guess-it game you can hold in one hand while keeping your drink/food in the other!!
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS. With the new ‘ask a friend’ feature in the TRIVIAL PURSUIT PARTY game, you can ask others to help out with your questions. It’s a great way to break the ice with new friends at the party!
  • CREATE A MENU OF FUN YUMS. Come up with fun, games-themed names for the food and drinks at the party, like a “Scattergories Sandwich Sampler” or a “Taboo Twist.”
  • ADD IN SOME HOLIDAY-THEMED RULES. For every round won, a team can share favorite memories from 2013, or for every TABOO buzz, players can share a New Year’s resolution they’ll be making.
  • SNAP ‘N SHARE THE FUN. Set up some silly hats or homemade trophies for the victors and be sure guests capture photos of themselves celebrating their wins. Share the pictures on social channels or send them around to your guests the day after the party to relive the fun of New Year’s.

Looking for some game suggestions? Visit PartyMore.Hasbro.com

Hasbro’s line of party games include something for everyone to get the party started and keep it going past midnight this New Year’s. The all-new POINTING FINGERS game is the perfect ice breaker to get the party going as guests wear oversized foam fingers and literally point out hilarious things about each other like, who’s eaten something off the floor, or fallen asleep at work the most? Point out the person who is the most likely to have done so and earn points for being right! Players will be amazed at the funny things they’ll learn about their friends and family!

To keep the party going, break out favorites like CATCH PHRASE, TABOO, CRANIUM, SCATTEGORIES, or TRIVIAL PURSUIT PARTY games to keep guests mingling and laughing well past the strike of Twelve. And, along with the POINTING FINGERS game, new titles joining the collection like the DRAW SOMETHING PARTY and FUNNY OR DIE games are sure to become staples in everyone’s party games lineup.

On New Year’s be sure to upload pictures of your party to the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page or tweet them @HasbroGameNight, #HasbroHolidays.

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