Plantronics (NYSE:PLT), a pioneer in wearable technology, will showcase its latest wearable device advances coming out of PLT Labs(TM) at the upcoming AT&T Developer Summit taking place Jan. 5-6, at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nev. Additionally, Cary Bran, Plantronics’ senior director of Innovation and New Ventures and the head of PLT Labs, will participate in a panel conversation focused specifically on wearable tech development alongside other leaders in the wearable tech community.

Along with Developer Summit participation, PLT Labs is also sponsoring the Wearable Tech Challenge during the AT&T Developer Hackathon, an associated event being held two days prior to the summit. In this hack, developers will vie for monetary prizes from a $200K+ pool. Additional product prizes will be awarded by PLT Labs if the winning app leverages PLT Labs’ Wearable Concept 1™ device capabilities as part of the design.


1. AT&T Developer Summit Wearable Tech Hackathon

Jan. 4-5
PLT Labs will provide qualified teams with its Wearable Concept 1 device and challenge them to create unique applications that leverage the contextual information generated from its multiple sensors. Wearable Concept 1 is equipped with a low-latency, nine-axes sensor which tracks head orientation in three dimensions: heading, pitch and roll (the X, Y and Z axes). It also features tap detection and free-fall detection. Open APIs enable developers to leverage the onboard MFI chip for ease of integration with the iOS platform over Bluetooth® as well as the Windows® operating system. Sample applications can be found at
While attending the Wearable Tech hack, don’t miss the AT&T Internet of Things hackathon finale taking place Jan. 5 from 2-3pm. A “hack within a hack”, this event brings together the winners of the Internet of Things hackathon series, to battle it out for the ultimate win. Five of the eight finalists will be using a PLT Labs Wearable Concept 1 device as part of their app demos.

2. AT&T Developer Summit

Jan. 5-6

Booth #17
Come visit us at Booth #17 to learn more about PLT Labs and see demos of Wearable Concept 1 in action, including how a wearer using Wearable Concept 1 can manipulate an avatar on an iPad in real-time using physical head movements, and an award-winning application that allows an individual anywhere in the world to share their view remotely via Google Street View.

3. Wearables Executive Panel

Jan. 6

11:45 am – 12:30 pm
Cary Bran, Plantronics’ Senior Director of Innovation and New Ventures and the head of PLT Labs, will join other wearable tech innovation leaders as they discuss the state of wearable tech today and where it’s headed – including challenges, trends, and opportunities for developers.


Palms Casino Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada

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