The video this transcript is based on appeared on December 26.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Twitter stock jumped three points the first trading day after Christmas while Tesla got a boost as the company looks to capitalize on a big overseas opportunity.


I'm Jon Marino in for Jane Searle this afternoon. We're wrapping up a low-volume trading day, which still generated some big gains.

Equities pulling up in the U.S. On strong days from eBay, Amazon and Twitter.

Twitter stock among lead gainers today. The company's stock is up more than 60% since its IPO and up about five percent today. Investors will want to watch Twitter stock next year when more shares start hitting the market. The social media company will see non-executive employees' lockup expire in February and its next lockup expiration in May.

Electric car maker Tesla is also getting a boost today. Shares up nearly three percent on news that the company--like iPhone maker Apple--is pushing further into China with its sales efforts. The stock is up about two points today, near the $155 mark.

And a loss leader on exchanges today is BlackBerry. Bad news for the handset maker when it was revealed two BlackBerry executives opted to sell down a big portion of their stake, instead of pushing to buy BlackBerry out. That stock off about nine percent.

On Wall Street, I'm Jon Marino in New York.

Written by Jon Marino in New York.