Please understand that I am not looking to make a spectacle of one particular person. I love musicians and want to see them succeed. I'm friends with a few and becoming friends with many more. I help these folks out any way I can.

But this guy's attitude exemplifies much of what's wrong with the state of the music industry today. And it's not the individual artist's fault. The blame must fall on leaders who direct the conversation to royalties and nothing but royalties. They set an agenda that will lead most working musicians -- and even slightly "bigger" names -- on a primrose path to nowhere.

First, I have never suggested everything be free. Internet radio pays artists billions of dollars in royalties. That should not stop. And it will not stop. Nobody is asking for it to stop despite the false propaganda spewed from the most toxic corners of the music industrial complex.

Check the numbers. Pandora's are publicly available each quarter. Spotify just released some updated figures. The payouts are astonishing. They shouldn't have to get bigger because the music industry, radio and some individual artists failed to prepare for and adapt to change.

What we're seeing is not all that different from what physical retail expects from (AMZN).

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