musicFIRST (and other organizations) could tell its rank and file, listen, we're going to be vigilant on this royalty thing, but ...

Internet radio has helped usher in an area where tech and data drive new and different types of success at all levels. You have to be part of what's no longer just a trend; it's the way things are and will be for the foreseeable future.

In the aforementioned December 23rd article, I mention Kickstarter, Concert Window and Pandora as platforms musicFIRST should be educating its members about.

Why isn't musicFIRST using some of its resources to find out what exists, build partnerships and make its membership aware of how to leverage the opportunities dozens, if not hundreds of excellent music and music-related startups provide?

I could come up with names all day long.

Check out Patreon. Great idea. Excellent opportunity here.

How about Bandcamp. Or Songiest.

Don't count out Nashville-based Danny Murphy's startup, Game Day Presentation, as it works to place music that might not otherwise see the light of day in venues during sporting events.

So much creativity and hard work out there spawning opportunity, yet some musicians opt to mire themselves in what's pretty much a depressive cycle.

And don't ignore Pandora and other streaming services.

I have had more than one employee at Pandora tell me that the company wants to know about new and emerging artists that might not have entered their field of vision. Send them our way, they say!

And when I send an artist Pandora's way, they usually add him or her to the catalog. Just about any musician -- working, indie or major label -- has an open invitation to play a whiteboard session for Pandora employees and see their artist dashboard.

I had a guy come at me on Twitter the week of Christmas. He took exception to the Don't Blame Apple or the Internet ... article. Here are some of the things he said, as he referred to me as ill-informed and, in so many words, anti-artist.

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