Jackson: Apple Needs a 'Big Thing' to Vault $700

NEW YORK (RealMoney) -- Apple (AAPL) has gone from being a value stock in 2010 to a momentum stock in 2012, and then back to a value stock for most of this year. After spending most of 2013 in the red -- at one point down 30% for the year -- it's now up 3% for the year.

Many are wondering where it can go in 2014 and if it can get back to $700. I think it can, but to go far beyond it will need more than the rumored new products of a TV and a watch.

To get back to the $700 level next year, Apple just has to perform. That means it just basically has to keep putting one foot in front of the other on its current trajectory with the existing product line-up.

In 2014, Apple fans can look forward to:

  • An iPhone 6 with a larger screen size;
  • A totally revamped iOS -- even beyond the current update and break from the old Scott Forstall days;
  • An actual Apple TV;
  • An iWatch or iBand to help you track your health information;
  • Probably some version of iOS in your car;
  • The regular revamping of the product line;
  • A continued growth of iTunes and App Stores revenue from the growing iOS user base;
  • A deal with China Mobile that moves significant volumes of iPhones there.

All these new updates and product introductions are important but they likely won't significantly excite Apple investors to get the stock past $700.

What will?

It won't be Carl Icahn pushing a major stock buyback in my view. There might be a temporary movement in the stock for a few days -- depending on the magnitude of such a buyback.

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