Zedge, a leading discovery platform for free, high-quality ringtones, wallpapers and games, today announced the launch of its fourth generation Android app. The latest version of the hugely popular app features a complete overhaul of the interface, with new sections and improved recommendations making relevant, high-quality game discovery and personalization content even more accessible. Zedge has averaged in the Top 15 most popular apps in Google Play US for a full three years and counting.

“The Zedge app is already installed on approximately 20% of Android phones across the US, and we expect the visually appealing, user-friendly experience of our latest version will not only attract more loyal Zedgers, but will also increase the usage across our existing install base,” said Tom Arnoy, Zedge CEO and co-founder. “The update also makes it easier for us to quickly introduce new features and capabilities into the service.”

According to an August 2013 report by industry research firm NewZoo, there are now more than 500 million mobile gamers worldwide. Zedge users alone download an average of 3 million games a day. In this overcrowded world of gaming options, Zedge acts as a matchmaker. Zedge “learns” gamers’ individual preferences and pairs them with titles specifically relevant to their interests.

Arnoy added, “Personalization and gaming are fundamental parts of the smartphone experience, and Zedge has earned its 75MM+ Android downloads by empowering users with custom wallpapers, unique ringtones, great notification sounds and outstanding games.”

The Zedge version 4.0 Android app is available for download now at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.zedge.android.

About Zedge

Zedge is the destination for anyone who wants a simple and fun way to find and download free ringtones, wallpapers and games. Zedge’s app, available on iOS and Android, boasts more than 82 million downloads and has been among the Top 15 most popular apps in the Google Play store for the last three years and counting.

Zedge’s reach and popularity allow the company to offer advertisers, game developers, musicians, and artists a scalable, non-incentivized user acquisition platform on a global basis. Zedge's investors include IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT) – www.idt.net – and Shaman II. For more information, please visit the Zedge web site at www.zedge.net, and follow Zedge on Facebook at www.facebook.com/officialzedge or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/zedge.

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