Fabrix Systems, a leader in enterprise class integrated storage and computing platforms, today released version 3.3 of its software platform with several new application program interfaces (APIs) for service providers who can now access greater ingest and DRM format support, as well as Infinite Archive, an industry benchmark network DVR (nDVR) feature.

The Infinite Archive feature enables service providers to allow their customers to record multiple channels simultaneously and store the recorded content forever. By capitalizing on the scale-out nature of the Fabrix storage and compute platform, storage capacity can seamlessly and affordably grow at the same rate as demand. Fabrix’s Infinite Archive ensures continuous operation, with no interruption of availability, to make all channels and all programs available 24/7.

Fabrix Systems’ software-based, combined storage and computing platform provides the recording, storage and delivery infrastructure necessary to successfully, reliably and economically power a massive Cloud DVR service. Service providers can now cost-effectively allow their customers to view any recorded show whenever they want it.

“We are offering service providers an infinite storage feature within their network DVR environments and addressing the concern that a cloud DVR service could be too costly to implement,” said Itai Tomer, Vice President, Products at Fabrix Systems. “Fabrix’s software-based, storage and compute platform already reduces server requirements to ensure a quicker ROI, and the features in this update continue to tip the scales in favor of developing an nDVR environment.”

This release also includes greater integration with other systems. In line with the increase of Digital Rights Management (DRM) formats, Fabrix has added support for additional formats. Version 3.3 also includes MP4 ingest support. The addition of a time-based API will expand the functionality of the Fabrix platform by allowing time-based requests in addition to the program- based requests currently offered. This increased functionality will add greater flexibility for viewers and provide integration with external systems. This API, like all the Fabrix APIs, is available online.

About Fabrix Systems

Fabrix Systems (Fabrix) provides superior, enterprise class, integrated storage and computing platforms for applications requiring massive processing and storage of video-centric big data of media and entertainment, IT, surveillance, life sciences and energy industries. The Fabrix solution is distinguished by its tightly integrated architecture, which marries store, compute and distribute capabilities and represents a paradigm shift in the implementation of IT architectures. Fabrix’s disruptive, software-based platform delivers performance, reliability, scalability and flexibility. Fabrix is majority owned by IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT).

About IDT Corporation:

IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT), through its IDT Telecom division, provides retail telecommunications and payment services to help immigrants and the under-banked to conveniently and inexpensively communicate and share resources around the world. IDT Telecom’s wholesale business is a leading global carrier of international long distance voice calls. IDT also holds majority interests in two early-stage technology companies focused on high growth industries: Zedge ( www.zedge.net), a mobile content discovery and acquisition platform, includes one of the most popular Apps for Android and iOS; Fabrix Systems ( www.fabrixsystems.com), a cloud based scale out storage and computing platform, provides a scalable solution optimized for media and big data processing and delivery. For more information, visit www.idt.net.

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