9. While You Were Sleeping
Released: 1995
Box office gross: $81 million

Where you see a comatose hospital patient lucky to be alive after nearly being crushed by a subway train, Sandra Bullock sees a wingman.

That's the fundamental premise of While You Were Sleeping -- in which a farcical misunderstanding prompts the family of a comatose patient (Peter Gallagher) to believe that Bullock's subway attendant is his fiancee. When coma guy's dreamy younger brother (Bill Pullman) shows up, the madcap holiday misunderstandings snowball.

That's the backbone of what could have been a terrible holiday rom-com, but Bullock, Pullman, an eventually reawakened Gallagher, an inspired Ally Walker and none other than Peter Boyle all turn in performances that make this film far better than its flimsy premise.

That this film holds up a whopping 18 years later speaks both to the level of performance director John Turteltaub was able to coax from his cast, but to the timelessness of a wintry Chicago backdrop in this kind of film. There are a lot of guilty pleasures on this list. While You Were Sleeping shouldn't make you feel so guilty.

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