Watch Microsoft Hire an Enabler as CEO

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Comments made on Friday's Microsoft's Pointless Search for a Loser CEO illustrate the organizational hurdles the company -- and, evidently, some of its supporters -- refuse to jump to reshape the increasingly irrelevant giant.

For example ...

This article should be deleted, it contributes nothing to the stock discussion.

The reaction underscores what Microsoft (MSFT) is up against. Because, sadly, the thinking inside the company appears to mirror that of a small cross-section of commenters who do not seem to think a profound shift in thought needs to occur. Or, more specifically, do not consider the direction the CEO search (and hiring) takes the single most important factor that will impact the stock going forward.

Of course, it could be that the reactionaries didn't take kindly to my use of the term "loser."

Get a grip.

When I write these articles I pretend I'm sitting next to you at a bar, attempting to make my case, relay some information or both. A formal approach would only cloud the path to understanding.

Today, Microsoft sits at a crossroads.

Tomorrow (not literally), it will name a new CEO. The choice Microsoft makes will set it on a course. Two of the most probable directly relate to the situation -- past and present -- at Yahoo! (YHOO):

  • Like the pre-Marissa Mayer Yahoo!, Microsoft runs through five CEOs in five years; or
  • Microsoft makes a bold choice, like Yahoo! did with Mayer, hiring somebody who will walk into the Gates/Ballmer-decorated executive suite and knock some damn pictures off of the wall.

Microsoft isn't all that different than Yahoo! was when it hired Mayer, even though its outgoing CEO is coming off a long and shockingly stable tenure.

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