Adami said, "Today is the day where the momentum has been taken out. You had this pretty significant reversal on two times normal volume traded. ... Now I think it's a coin flip."

He added, "Today, I think, set it up for the downside to be more accessible than the upside."

Host Scott Wapner weighed in with the news that Bill Ackman of Pershing Square, who has a significant investment in Herbalife (HLF), was responding to the company's reaudited financials from Price Waterhouse Coopers.

"It is not the role of Herbalife's auditor to determine if the company is a pyramid scheme," Ackman said. "Rather, that determination depends on whether distributors earn more from recruiting new distributors than from retail sales to consumers who are not distributors. The few Herbalife distributors that make money earn the vast majority of their profits from recruiting. ... Herbalife is a pyramid scheme that will be shut down by regulators."

The stock rose to more than $75 a share. "The real question is what happens next," Wapner said.

Phil LeBeau of CNBC reported that Tesla (TSLA) will introduce a lower cost electric car, the Model E, at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2015. The car would be available in showrooms in 2016 or 2017.

LeBeau said the price and the range of the car will be significant factors in determining whether consumers respond to this product.

In regard to the more expensive Model S, the company has opened a website for orders to be taken in China for the cars that start at $145,000.

Nathan said, "That geographic expansion story is a big part of it, and also going down range to a more mass-market product." But he emphasized that it will be 2015 before the new car is introduced.

Najarian said, "The problem for Tesla right now is they can't produce enough cars to really be relevant."

Two new studies call into question the benefits of taking vitamin supplements. Finerman said that she is invested in GNC Holdings (GNC) and that she hopes the stock doesn't react badly. "It's a growth story," she said. "I still like it."

Silver has had a tough year but if the Fed decides to taper, would that change things for the industry?

John Smith, president and CEO of Silver Standard Resources (SSRI), said that like most industries, the silver industry is cyclical. "I think we're starting to see the bottom of the cycle," he said. "Nobody can ever pick the absolute bottom but I think we're in that bottom region, which bodes well for next year and beyond."

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