Have You Seen the People Facebook Thinks 'You May Know?'

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Is Facebook (FB) becoming Tinder? Or the now much more tame Craigslist "Erotic Services" category? Wait, they call them "therapeutic" now! 

For privacy concerns, I decided against screen capturing and publishing the "People You May Know" section from my mobile Facebook news feed on iOS. But, man, as I have clearly run out of people who I actually might even six degrees of Kevin Bacon know, the suggestions have become downright seedy. Shady. Suspect.

I have to wonder if Facebook is becoming a place for impostors of sorts to ... this is the only way I can say it ... cough, cough ... turn tricks.

This matters on several levels.

First, don't construe this as a knock against Facebook. As I note in my 2013 review/2014 prediction article, I called FB a $50 stock in December 2012. So I'm a believer.

I'm just concerned.

If I'm not merely an isolated case and other Facebook users are having this flavor of looker suggested as a friend, Facebook risks offending some people. Some people aren't going to go for people who could even possibly, by some stretch of the imagination, look like a call girl, Hooters' waitress or something equally as provocative.

This is a real issue for the company. 

Facebook could turn increasingly irrelevant even as it's trying to become more relevant.

Let's state it simply: I don't really want to "friend" people who I don't know. These suggested people are not even mutual friends of friends, I don't think! That's the irrelevant part. And this bit of irrelevancy lends support to something else I've been thinking about Facebook lately.

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