9. Volkswagen
Average repair costs: $438.35
Index rating: 1.79

Yet another automaker with absolutely no vehicles in the Top 100, with the 2011 Jetta just missing the list at No. 109. The good news for Volkswagen is that it's only getting better with age. Its older model vehicles performed dreadfully, with the 2003 GTI among the least reliable vehicles CarMD rates. Seriously, it's in the Top 1%, which puts it about on par with you pizza delivery person's '80s beater. As it stands, nearly 12% of Volkswagens need a $357 air flow sensor replacement and a whopping 11% require a $1,175 worth of repairs to swap out a catalytic converter. With Volkswagen making strides in recent years to boost its output, reliability and features, expect its score to improve once that 10-year statute of limitations expires on its clunkers of yesteryear.

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