Polaroid Fotobar

Polaroid didn't die the death it was supposed to.

Fans who were told that they didn't want the company's trademark white-bordered film anymore disagreed vociferously and came up with a third-party version after Polaroid ceased production. Facebook's Instagram still leans heavily on photo effects borrowed from original Polaroid shots.

Today, Polaroid lives on with at least a little help from the Fotobar, which converts digital images into Polaroid pictures ($1 to $40 each, depending on size), collages ($31 to $52) and shadowbox frames ($11 to $60). You can turn those photos into Polaroid-style coasters ($5) and magnets ($2.50) too, but the images are the site's biggest draw.

Sure, the Polaroid Fotobar is a one-trick pony. But for countless holiday seasons, the world documented the holiday season through that one trick. It still has value, and the folks behind that site were savvy enough to see it.

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