We'll freely admit that we poke around everybody else's shopping lists throughout the season, but no online shop got the kind of treatment that Bespokepost got from the good folks at Esquire -- who dedicated an entire section of their holiday gift guide to it. Granted, this now means that really cool items such as a $45 Curved Huntsman's Ax and $7 Round Ice Cube mold are no more. A sweet set of $30 Argoz Primo Argyle Merino Wool Socks is still in stock, though, as is a $29 bottle of Noble Bourbon Maple Syrup and a $55 liquor aging kit with tumblers. Though the offerings aren't subtle about wooing 21st Century Rat Pack wannabes who fancy themselves the next Clooney or DiCaprio, Bespokepost's selection is surprisingly gender-unspecific for its place in the grandaddy of all bro bibles.

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