Saba (OTCPink: SABA), a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management, today announced its new recruiting offering, Recruiting@Work. A part of Saba Cloud, Recruiting@Work brings objectivity into hiring decisions, giving recruiters and hiring managers the ability to more effectively hire talent in the new world of work. Built upon Saba’s long-standing heritage in talent management, the innovative Recruiting@Work solution addresses three core requirements: predictive recruiting, collaborative hiring, and accelerated screening and onboarding. This focus enables organizations – from small-to-midsized companies to larger enterprises – to quickly discover, hire and onboard top talent.

Too often, hiring managers and recruiters seek new hires within the limited confines of inbound resumes, social media profiles and subjective interviews. To compete today, it is vital that organizations accurately understand the needs of their internal teams and have the tools to uncover the best candidate for the job – whether it is someone halfway across the globe or an employee just down the hall. But today’s challenges cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions. In order to source the best potential candidates – both externally and internally – recruiters and hiring managers need a state-of-the-art recruiting solution, a smarter applicant tracking system (ATS). It must be simple-to-use, social, mobile, smart and collaborative.

“Recruiting the best, most talented workforce is more important than ever to an organization’s success. Current tools, unfortunately, aren’t delivering the best candidates or providing the required objectivity to make the best hires,” said Shawn Farshchi, president and CEO at Saba. “Saba has uniquely delivered a consumer-grade user experience with advanced capabilities such as machine learning, native video interviewing and comprehensive mobile recruiting support to help bring in top talent faster and increase the number of successful hires that can then contribute to long-term business success.”

The key features included in Saba’s Recruiting@Work offering are:
  • Predictive Recruiting: Saba lets recruiters and hiring managers more effectively identify both external and internal candidates using Web-sourcing and Saba’s patent-pending machine learning technology, The Intelligent Mentor (TIM). TIM insightfully reviews, sorts and prioritizes possible candidates based on skill-sets, offering guidance on which internal candidates managers might want to approach for new opportunities. TIM also can make recommendations to the employees on the skills or training needed to qualify for a new position and thus, open up new career paths. Additionally, Saba’s new offering provides a SmartHire AssistantTM decision dashboard which allows hiring teams to take subjectivity out of hiring and select the right candidate.
  • Collaborative Hiring and Video Interviewing: Recruiting@Work allows hiring to be a connected, collaborative process, offering companies a team-oriented interviewing approach. All employees can provide input on possible candidates, as well as feedback on each candidate's experience and potential – online or directly from their mobile device. As part of Saba Cloud, Recruiting@Work is able to tap into Saba’s market-leading video conferencing capabilities to power video interviews, including recording interviews for later review across the hiring team.
  • Accelerated Screening and Onboarding: Recruiting@Work enables organizations to more effectively screen candidates, as well as quickly bring selected new hires up-to-speed on the company’s operations and his or her new role. By tapping into Saba’s native online assessment capabilities, each job posting can auto-screen new candidates based on simple-to-advanced assessments within the candidate application process. Once selected, companies can rapidly onboard candidates using Saba’s advanced onboarding capabilities allowing employees to become integrated into the company and delivering increased bottom line results faster.

Read more about today’s announcement on Saba’s blog.

Visit the Recruiting@Work product tour to get more information about features and benefits.


The newest release of Saba Cloud with Recruiting@Work is now generally available.

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"The Educe Group is a consulting firm that uses Saba Cloud to create a more closely connected professional community with enhanced collaboration and information sharing," said Charlie Kauffunger, founding partner, The Educe Group. "We also use Saba Cloud as a key part of our onboarding process, empowering people to direct their own learning and development. With the new capabilities in Recruiting@Work, we can already see how it will help add an objective view to our hiring processes. We were able to build our new recruiting page quickly and plan to launch it in the next few weeks."

"We are a full service delivery and logistics company operating in several markets throughout the United States. We are looking forward to using Saba Cloud to not only develop our people and enable better real-time learning, but as a tool to bring in top talent as well," said Kim Nichols, director, human resources , R.A.S. Delivery Services. “What immediately strikes me about the new Recruiting@Work solution in Saba Cloud is its ease of use, mobile support and seamless integration with the rest of Saba’s learning and talent suite. These are the kinds of advanced capabilities that a regionally dispersed company like ours can use to evaluate, hire and onboard the best talent."

Industry Analysts

"Video interviewing is a must-have feature in any enterprise recruiting strategy. While social recruiting software can bring candidates into the process, it doesn’t help enterprises interview and evaluate them," said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. "Video interviewing, however, is perfectly suited to streamline and accelerate this process given the costs of onsite interviews and the global pool of talent that companies now pursue. Saba's new recruiting solution leverages the company’s proven video conferencing technology and delivers the benefits of a unified solution with a single user profile and customer experience without leaving the job requisition."

"The recruiting software market already is $1.8 billion in size and we expect it to grow by more than 15 percent in 2014," said Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte. "Saba's new entry into this market offers innovative and attractive features in this fast-growing area of HR technology."

"Objectivity is always a challenge in the candidate selection process. An interview continues to be the mainstay for evaluating the candidate, but it should be balanced with an opportunity to create an objective 'second view' of a candidate’s competencies, skills and other critical hiring factors," said Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer at Brandon Hall Group. "The SmartHire Assistant  decision dashboard in Saba’s new recruiting solution can assist hiring teams to strike this all important balance."

"Improving the outcomes of recruiting is essential for business today, and our research finds three-quarters of companies focus on quality of hire and over half on cultural fit," said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research. "Saba’s Recruiting@Work suite represents a significant step forward in addressing these concerns; its predictive technology is important in helping employers get an objective view of candidates by prioritizing them based on skill sets as well as in guiding current employees on the skills or training they need to qualify for a new position."

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