Leather beer gear

When we arrived in Portland, Ore., we got the sense that its brewing community and its artisans got along just fine. From brewpubs built with reclaimed furniture and fixtures to growler jugs fashioned out of earthenware, there's a whole lot of overlap between the two groups.

There were few places this was more apparent than in the pages of now-defunct regional beer magazine Beer West, which at one point last year featured the wood, leather and wool creations of Portland's own Walnut Studiolo. While we've already featured one upcycled bottle carrier in this story, it was Walnut's strappy leather four-pack for 22-ounce bottles ($94) "Spartan Carton" six-pack ($89) that drew our attention to the studio in the first place.

We'll admit, those two offerings are on the pricier end of this list, but there are equally impressive gifts a bit further down the pricing scale. There's a six-pack cinch ($24) that attaches to the top tube of your bicycle's frame and keeps a six-pack low and out of the way while you ride, a set of strap-downs ($36) to keep your growler attached firmly to your bike's cargo rack or a can cage ($76) that puts a brew right within reach on your handlebars.

Granted, you really have to love either biking or hitting house parties with a mix from the bottle shop to have interest in any of the above. But we're going to take an educated guess that such folks form a nice little Venn diagram with craft beer brewers and the folks making accessories for their beers.

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