Wooden beer carrier

What is beermaking if not a science of efficiency and reclaimed materials? A good brewer can make a strain of yeast last for years and batches at a time, sterilize any bottle into a refillable vessel and make that regrettable turkey fryer purchase into an essential part of his or her brewhouse.

That thrift and value should apply to their accessories as well. We've seen several incarnations of wooden beer bottle carriers and notice that most of them fall well off the mark. When they were introduced, they were made out of old, recycled milk and beer boxes or packing crates. Eventually, opportunists came in with shoddy materials and worse craftsmanship to make similar products out of first-use lumber to make cheaper, more disposable versions of the same product to market almost exclusively to men as "groomsmen gifts."

That's typically how a good, creative product dies, but the folks at Frick and Frack Scraps in Georgia aren't letting the idea go quietly and are determined to do this the right way. The owner still uses reclaimed industrial wire and wood to fashion a carrier built to fit four 22-ounce "bomber" bottles of beer or cider. The apple-tree limb handle suggest the creator prefers it be used to transport the latter, but it'll fit big beers just fine as well. At $32, not only is it less expensive than its cheap, bro-tastic competition, but it'll hold 88 ounces compared with the standard six-pack's relatively lightweight 72.

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