Apple Will Disrupt and Destroy When It's Ready

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If you're an Apple (AAPL) investor, fan or objective observer, TheStreet contributor John Martellaro is an absolute must-read, both here at TheStreet and his primary perch, the Mac Observer.

In his Friday column, Apple's TV Innovation Will Be Unexpected, Martellaro sets the company's critics straight:

Even more ironic is that the very outcry for innovation by Apple is a call for something new and unexpected. How can one demand the unexpected and yet arrogantly claim that Apple's opportunity has disappeared? It's a contradiction.
Put another way, the window of opportunity for the Apple brand of exciting innovation, problem solving and elegant combination of hardware and software never closes. Ever.

Reading John over the last year or so has helped evolve and improve my thinking vis-a-vis Apple.

I still worry and can get critical about Apple's future, however, I don't call for innovation now. Because, as Martellaro points out -- with quite the punkslap -- that's folly.

iPad Air proves this. And, again, Martellaro made the case, pointing out just how innovative the product is, relative to its predecessor and the competition, even if Apple didn't work on its critics' timelines:

It took a little longer, but the wait was worth it. Innovation means development and breakthroughs in areas that mean something tangible to the paying customer, and if this is the kind of innovation we can expect from Apple, I'll take it every time.

I've had my iPad Air for about two weeks now. And, it reaffirms my suspicion that an Apple HDTV, possibly morphed with a set-top box, will come sooner or later.

That's because, now having used the last two iterations of iPad, it's clear to me that Martellaro's correct. Not only can Apple still innovate, it does so on its own timeline. If other companies make it first to market with a product, so be it. None use the same attention to detail or have the level of respect for the consumer that Apple does.

The time I spent over the weekend at the holiday pop-up Intel (INTC) Experience store in Venice (on the Westside of Los Angeles) helps drive that point home

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