The Penney Drops as Clearance Stockpiles

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- There are reasons why we do or don't do certain things. I am constantly trying to think about how my actions will be perceived outside of my small, loyal inner circle. Such meticulous thought led me to be very quiet as soon as J.C. Penney's ( JCP) same-store sales results were released on Tuesday evening.

I saw an array of cheerleading by really mean, nasty individuals on Twitter, which I giggled at, because that's not the way a financial services professional should carry himself or herself. "Talking your book" could be done in a more respectful manner to a social community. Your reputation is the only thing you have in this business.

I received a few hate-Tweets (rare for me, because as soon as I get hate, I hit block, no questions asked) as J.C. Penney's shares popped after hours, for being so vocally against the stock's bounce from the 52-week lows on suspect financials. Once again, I giggled, directing strategy to clients behind the scenes, knowing full well, or pretty well, that J.C. Penney shares would slide at the open on the following day.

How was I so sure that by Friday, J.C. Penney's stock would be down 14% inside of two sessions, with the latest blow being Kyle Bass cutting bait? It's called obsessing over a company's story (give it a try sometime), having the determination to amass enough information and probabilities to swiftly dig beneath the news as it arises, and outperform rivals.

Today I published a brief assessment on J.C. Penney for clients, reiterating a sell recombination and no price target. Here is what you should know about J.C. Penney, as communicated by a kind soul who has zero ulterior motives other than winning.

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