AAA Carolinas Leverages Ultimate Software’s Person-Centric HCM Technology To Unify Information And Processes

Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, announced today that AAA Carolinas, a member of the AAA family of motor clubs that span North America, is benefiting from Ultimate’s unified approach to human capital management (HCM), person-centric technology, and responsive customer service.

AAA Carolinas, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is one of the largest and fastest-growing AAA clubs in the U.S., with over 1,400 employees serving its members in North and South Carolina. Before UltiPro, AAA Carolinas had used several systems for its HR and payroll operations, so employees, managers, and administrators had to manage multiple logins and navigate different systems. The systems were often out of sync, creating frustrations and reporting issues. To address these challenges, AAA Carolinas has been leveraging Ultimate’s UltiPro as its one system of record for HCM.

Multiple Systems Waste Time

“Having multiple systems is a time waster. Our first priority is helping our customers, and having to manage a variety of systems could divert us from this goal. With UltiPro as our one system of record for HCM, we have simplified our work so we can focus on what’s really important to our business,” said Lori Diggs, human resource project analyst at AAA Carolinas. “I’ve never worked with an HCM solution where the information was so easily accessible. Managers now can go to one place to handle everything that is related to their talent.”

Delivered with cloud technology, UltiPro provides customers like AAA Carolinas with an end-to-end suite of HCM functionality, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, performance management, and more. Plus, employees, managers and executives have immediate, 24-7 access to information as well as a range of strategic HCM tools that are both easy to access and easy to use.

“The time savings that has resulted from using a single solution for end-to-end HCM has been immense, especially for our HR teams when delivering business intelligence and workforce analytics to our executives and managers. For example, I have shaved approximately five to six hours of my time each month on talent management reporting,” said Diggs. “We have also seen significant improvements in our recruiting processes—managers have reported they have access to a higher quality talent pool. Even better is that our teams can easily access any data or changes throughout UltiPro with a click of button, like salary changes, performance reviews, onboarding, compliance-related items, and more—all without having to navigate through multiple systems.”

Different Skill Sets, One Solution

UltiPro provides AAA Carolinas’ people with easy-to-use technology that supports its employee-centric culture. Employees can quickly view and update their information with user-friendly web capabilities via a centralized, 24-7 gateway. For example, employees are easily accessing UltiPro to develop performance goals; stay current with training; check past reviews, personal information, or compensation details; or review or modify direct deposit and W-4 information.

“Our company has four business lines made up of very diverse people with differing needs and skill sets—including executives, mechanics, call center people, network engineers and software developers, and more. And everyone enjoys the ease of use of UltiPro. We’ve never had any issues surface, which is a big contrast with our previous systems,” said Diggs. “Our people feel empowered because they have easy access to a range of information, and we often hear they are very happy with UltiPro and how this technology makes their work easier and more effective.”

Proven Customer Service

In addition to person-centric technology, AAA Carolinas also wanted a business partner with extensive and proven customer service experience. To ensure the success of the people and teams using its technology, Ultimate Software places high importance on its customer relationships and related feedback, which often drive the product enhancements within UltiPro.

“Ultimate Software’s customer service has just been off the charts. We’ve gone through some major growth in the past few years, and Ultimate’s support team have been with us every step of the way, which makes an immense difference in our being effective at what we do,” said Diggs. “Our executives have been very pleased with the partnership, technology, and services we are receiving.”

Ultimate Software’s philosophy with customers is about providing technology that people want to use, encouraging communication and collaboration, and delivering business results,” said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software. “We’re very happy when a dynamic, customer-centric business like AAA Carolinas is embracing the full power of our cloud technology to better support its employees and HR teams.”

About Ultimate Software

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