Tesla, Twitter and NQ Mobile are Kapitall's Hot Stocks for November

James Dennin, Kapitall: In Kapitall Community we look at some of the hot stocks that Kapitallists are trading the most on our platform. 

There are very few surprises in this month's Kapitall Community index. Trading within the platform was dominated, as expected, by the Twitter (TWTR) IPO – with a number of bullish users snapping up shares of the stock in November.  

Twitter is still trading below its opening share price, however the price seems to have stabilized somewhat as the volume goes down. Buyers who waited until a few days after the IPO would have had a much bigger return on the stock, as Twitter has been rallying since the middle of last week.

Black Friday and holiday shopping may have been a factor – as analysts have reached a consensus that most of the growth in retail sales this year has come from mobile shopping.  

Tesla (TSLA) was the second most traded stock on the Kapitall Platform in November. After much unflattering media coverage of Tesla cars catching fire, the stock took a serious hit.

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However, as Elon Musk pointed out on his blog – most vehicles can catch fire when they're in a collision – not just the Model S. German investigative authorities this morning agreed, and the stock soared over 10% in a half hour. 

Kapitall users also traded a number of shares of NQ Mobile (NQ), the midsize Chinese cyber-security firm that garnered media attention when the short-selling firm Muddy Waters announced that it was shorting a large stage of the stock.

However, the combination of s kepticism about the company's stellar numbers, as well as a number of huge partnerships it announced this year, make the opinions on this stock extremely strong, bear or bull. 

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