Court Of Appeals For The Federal Circuit Grants Summary Affirmance In Nextec V. Brookwood

Brookwood Companies, Inc., a leading integrated textile company and wholly owned subsidiary of the Hallwood Group Incorporated (NYSE Amex: HWG), announced today that on Monday, November 18th, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit summarily affirmed the Southern District of New York’s ruling that Brookwood did not infringe certain patents belonging to Nextec Applications, Inc.

Nextec filed suit against Brookwood in the Southern District of New York (Case No. 07-cv-6901) over six years ago, claiming that Brookwood infringed several patents related to internally-coated webs. Nextec was seeking a permanent injunction and millions of dollars in damages for the alleged willful infringement stemming from the use and manufacture of Brookwood’s Agility and Eclipse Storm-Tec X-Treme fabrics, which constitute two levels of the U.S. Military’s Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.

The protracted and highly contentious litigation resulted in a 2010 summary judgment order that Brookwood did not infringe certain Nextec patent claims and culminated in a five-week bench trial in 2012 addressing infringement of the remaining patent claims. At the close of trial, the Southern District ruled that “the issue of infringement is solved rather directly and rather simply,” namely, that while the patents were valid, Brookwood did not infringe them. The District Court’s ruling was appealed. On November 6th, a three-Judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit heard oral argument; twelve days later, the three-Judge panel summarily affirmed the Southern District’s decision.

Amber M. Brookman, President and CEO of Brookwood commented, “This is a great day for Brookwood. While litigation can be a long, costly, and arduous process, we at Brookwood do not take threats of patent infringement lightly, and today we feel vindicated.”


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