Best Internet Radio Services From Pandora to iTunes Radio

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I'm not a big fan of seemingly well-organized charts or even being wholly objective on things like this.

Despite baseless critiques (Hello, Thom Yorke) and lamebrain Wall Street analysis (Good Day, Richard Greenfield), there's not a better space going for consumers, media, tech and, damn it, the world than Internet radio.

One thing I have learned from interfacing with people who work with and for various Internet radio companies is that, almost to a person, they're passionate, bright and, more importantly, nice people. Almost every company I have approached that does Internet radio, particularly Pandora (P) and the attendant younger set of startups, has been responsive and fun to deal with.

All of this to say, if I tend toward not "liking" one service or another, a) this is not a reflection on the efforts of the people at the particular company and b) it doesn't mean you won't like the service.

On "b," I stress, it's ALL subjective.

And, on "a," I must stress, Almost all Internet radio in existence today was born out of what remain GOOD and RIGHTEOUS intentions. The folks in the business truly want to enhance the connection between artist and fan, while improving every single musician's lot in life.

Apple (AAPL) might be the outlier here. And that's just too bad. They're not responsive at all. Try finding out who's in charge of curation at iTunes Radio. I thought perhaps they were just too embarrassed to refer me to Echo Nest, the provider of music discovery/personalization to many Internet radio services. But within about 12 seconds, an Echo Nest representative replied to an email noting, "Apple's iTunes Radio is not a customer of The Echo Nest."

Good to know. So, we're really not sure what's happening in the black box over at Apple. Maybe it's drone-controlled personalized radio! 

So, with that setup, here's how Internet radio stacks up for me.

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