Apple Makes a MacBook Air That Runs iOS


Going back to the last prediction, Apple has been looking to move away from Intel for its MacBook lines, and it sure isn't going to give away any of its industry-leading profit margins when it comes to owning the whole device.

Recent rumors suggested that Apple would distance itself from Intel in its MacBooks, though not for a few years.

Apple reportedly has big plans for its chip business, now headed by Bob Mansfield as part of the Technologies unit. Technologies combines all of Apple's wireless teams and Apple's semiconductors group, which according to the press release regarding Scott Forstall leaving, the semiconductor unit has "ambitious plans for the future."

Apple has been trying to merge OS X, its desktop operating system with iOS, its mobile operating system, and has done so with some success. I don't expect a full-fledged iOS-enabled MacBook Air, but perhaps one that runs both operating systems. We could potentially see OS X become so iOS-like that users will have a tough time telling the difference.


Apple didn't make a MacBook Air that runs on iOS but its desktop operating system OS X Mavericks continues to look more and more like iOS.

At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, the company announced it was bringing its maps application to OS X Mavericks, much like it has on its iOS, mobile operating system. Apple also brought iBooks to OS X, as it continues to muddy the waters between the two operating systems.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant also did something unexpected earlier this year, which continues to make iOS and OS X that much more similar. It said that OS X Mavericks downloads would now be free for users who buy new Apple computers, similar to what Apple's done with iOS, which is a free download. Over the coming years, I would expect to see the lines between both OS continue to blur, until they eventually become one.

Grade: C+ (I got some things right, but mostly it was wrong. This is kind of like my last art class in high school. Pablo Picasso, I'm not.)

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