CampusMD To Offer EdR Residents Physician Care 24/7 Via Convenient Online And Mobile Connections

EdR (NYSE:EDR), one of the nation’s largest developers, owners and managers of collegiate housing, has selected CampusMD to offer its residents web-based, mobile access to U.S. board-certified and licensed physicians who diagnose and treat a range of non-emergency illnesses and conditions.

“When a student is sick and living away from home, finding a doctor can be confusing and inconvenient,” said Scott Casey, EdR’s senior vice president of strategic business development and chief technology officer. “Now any of the more than 40,000 residents of our collegiate communities can subscribe to CampusMD’s services and be just a click away from a video consultation with a physician.”

CampusMD, a part of Access Health Group, brings around-the-clock physician care and choice exclusively to the higher-education market. As a CampusMD subscriber, EdR residents will be able to see and/or speak with a board-certified physician who is located in the patient’s state and receive a diagnosis from anywhere, anytime through an iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device, or from any computer with a webcam and browser.

Doctors are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They can treat more than 500 common illnesses and in appropriate instances, prescribe needed medication.

In addition, CampusMD will provide subscribing residents 24/7 access to experienced Masters-level counselors by phone, online video consultation and secure email through their Campus Counselors program. Regardless of their location, the time or day of the week, subscribing residents can connect in real time with a counselor who can guide, support and advise on a range of emotional, academic and other concerns.

While many college campuses have student health centers, few offer around-the-clock care or even weekend hours. The American College Health Association spring 2013 survey reports that 54.3% of students were diagnosed or treated by a health professional for one or more illnesses in the preceding 12 months, and that a variety of factors, including cold/flu/sore throat, chronic health problem or serious illness, sinus infection, bronchitis, for example, affected individual academic performance to the extent that the student dropped a class, stopped work on a major research project or earned a lower grade.

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