#DigitalSkeptic: This Bull Market Is a Turkey

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Thanksgiving or no, the so-called technology bull market investors are gobbling up is nothing more than a crop of turkeys.

I know, I know, today is supposed to be the bright, shining moment where we bend our knees and praise the heavens for family, friends and good food. But I cant be the only one barely able to stomach the ranting and raving over the supposedly succulent 16,000-plus Dow Jones Industrial Average.

See, on turkey days such as these, investors need not struggle through the usual Digital Age valuation digestion challenges -- such as how the information economy has already torched trillions in public market valuation devouring the music, publishing, financial services and other information sectors.

Rather, Thanksgiving does information economy investors a favor. There's just one thing they need do to get a taste for how bony this bull market is: consider the economics behind that lovely Thanksgiving meal you and your family are sharing today.

By any conceivable valuation metric, the unheralded, unhyped -- yes, unhip -- agriculture business simply eats the Information Economys lunch. And breakfast and dinner, for that matter.

The information-free food business
Whats unexpected -- and critical -- about the agriculture business is how tech averse it turns out to be. As much as food tech giants such as Monsanto, Dow Chemical or Bayer like to paint the agro economy as a high-tech food marvel, it takes almost no sniffing to determine that the average American farm is, at best, a low-tech operation.

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