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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Closing out the week, more consumer earnings coming out this morning, plus what disappointed Pandora investors, Cramer takes another pick to the bank and all the latest global trading updates.


For TheStreet, I'm John Marino with your global market report. At this hour seeing US futures poised for slight gains we get ready to close out the week with some more earnings. Internationally see Asian markets mostly up Europe stocks also pushing into the black, we take you now from the Nasdaq Market Site in Times Square to Jonathan Braude in the deals London newsroom he's been tracking global market for us and has the latest John.

The European markets opened very high this morning, apparently buoyed the success of Wall Street yesterday DOW going over 16,000 at this time. They relaxed it later, but the news has been good. Germany's I index of business sentiment is the highest since April 2012. There is also news of a five billion dollar ship by parties we markets I'll and in Asia everybody was excited this morning quickly while the Japanese they followed that Japanese markets went up on news that John Lobe up so the as listed soft he said internet carrier a he's activist investor is it being shaking up Sony in the Japanese interest to see what happens a elsewhere the the decaying was I'll 15 38 while said to elsewhere holes I'll saying index was also up its 23-6 96.2 8 best from Europe and Asia the future.

Thank you Jonathan Braude with the deal in London, back in the US and back in our while the Nasdaq market site Pandora (P) shares looking down as we head into premarket trading now the company reported earnings yesterday revenue for the streaming music company was up 50 percent year-over-year $290 million dollars but earnings up six cents a share excluding items with disappointment some stock traded down after hours but up more than twenty percent so far this year. Elsewhere the digital music scene privately held startup Spotify raised more than $250 million dollars was reportedly Thursday evaluation of more than four billion dollars.

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