Now fresh market also downgraded its fiscal 2013 EPS, what's up there?

Yeah the Fresh Market was in focus particularly after Whole Foods disappointing quarter a lot of question marks over competition and pricing as we're seeing a lot in new organic means come out not to mention names like Costco in Kroger picking up this theme. It was just the disappointing quarter not only com which were 3.1 percent sequential the fella region, but also new stores productivity not so great in a big part in the story the new store grab excuse me new store growth so we'll have to be a taking a closer look here even though the stock down 14 percent

Alright finally Splunk give investors some good news by raising its fourth-quarter estimates.

Yes, Splunk really hot name with the biggest beat they had year yet 47 percent year-over-year growth death stock at a run up over a hundred percent in the pocket still up over eleven percent premarket. In contrast a violin memory everything I P O which is down about 40 percent premarket after horrendous quarter, so Splunk is definitely a winner.

As always thanks so much thanks that's what's happening this morning on wall street for TheStreet I'm Joe Deaux have a good weekend.

--Written by Joe Deaux in New York.

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