NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Twitter is filling up with reports of available Xbox One units on the shelf, but no PS4's in sight. Microsoft wins product launch battle.


X-box one went on sale on November 22nd and it was the biggest X Box launch in history surpassing day 1 x-box 360 sales and setting a new record. More than one million consoles were sold in less than 24 hours, and most stores say they are no more units on the shelves at this point, but the company insists it is working to replenish stock to meet that demand.

We talk to the chief product officer x-box one and here's what he had to say.

We're certainly gonna keep trying to get is that many Xboxes in as we can but if you see when the store you should grab it because I think it's gonna be a pretty hot product.

However pictures are being posted and Twitter is filling up with posts as consumers point out where their is stock. Many are saying that there is lots of stock affect box once in Los Angeles and there are even tho doesn't stock

at a Best Buy in midtown Manhattan. The same can't be said of Sony's Playstation 4 there isn't any supply available at all except for the units that are being held up until Black Friday. 1 million unit is good news for a company like prime sense that makes the chips for Microsoft Connect in here to tell the latest happening with prime sent is our Britney Umar.

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