Why Apple Crushes the Competition Everyday, All Day

NEW YORK (TheStreet) --

For a company to take such time and pains to deliver such an astonishingly different feel while suffering the slings and arrows of the critical press takes great courage ... Personally, I feel annoyed and dismayed when some critics say, "OK, it weighs a few ounces less. We waited how long for that?"
That kind of comment is just a testimony to a fundamental lack of insight and ... insensitivity. That kind of person probably kicks kittens.

Call that the definitive take by MacObserver senior editor and TheStreet contributor John Martellaro on Apple's (AAPL) iPad Air.

Call this hammering home the definitive take on the short side where the goalkeeper simply had no chance:

The iPad Air, in several ways, moves closer to the essence of what a tablet should be. While other companies think about USB ports and keyboards, Apple thinks about how an iPad should, eventually, shimmer and float in mid-air, revealing its true essence as a 21st century tablet, a window into the Internet.
One can't size this up by looking at pictures or perusing specification charts, helpful as they are. Go into an Apple retail store this weekend and hold one in your hands. At that point, you'll realize that this iPad is not just, according to rumor nomenclature, an iPad 5. It's a completely new product with a new experience, and that's why Apple gave it a different name.

If you follow Apple, you need to read John at MacObserver as well as TheStreet.

The man absolutely crushes it with every word he writes.

The article I cited leads beautifully into how I have been thinking about Apple lately.

Well-intentioned retail and market wonks will work themselves up into daily lathers between now and the end of the holiday shopping season. They have already been tizzying all over one another about how many units of this or that Apple will sell through the quarter.

As if it matters. As if Apple coming in plus or minus a half million on some analyst's iPhone number matters. It's a self-fulfilling cycle: Analyst sets a bar or expectation that has nothing to do with what's actually happening at Apple. Media obsesses over it. Apple hits or misses it. Life goes on. Ultimately, Apple continues to dominate.

If you're an Apple observer, investor or potential shareholder, don't get too high and don't get too low. Focus on what matters.

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