The '5 Dumbest Things' Holiday Quiz: Answers

Congratulations to those who took our Thanksgiving quiz which recapped Wall Street's biggest flops during the fall. Hopefully, you had some fun.

Justin Schweitzer from Baltimore, Md. is our winner. He'll get an autographed copy of Jim Cramer's Get Rich Carefully. Thanks to all for playing.

Now, here are the answers.

1. AIG (AIG) CEO Bob Benmosche compared the public outrage over his firms giant bailout bonus checks to what during a September WSJ interview?
A. Brazilian soccer riots
B. Tea Party Rallies
C. Kid n Play House Parties
D. Lynchings in the Deep South

ANSWER: D. Bob later apologized for the asinine analogy.

2. Which companys stock did overeager Twitter investors mistakenly pile into a month before the social media company went public in November, sending its shares up 1,400%?
A. Towers Watson (TW)
B. Tweeter Home Entertainment Group (THEGQ)
C. Towerstream (TWER)
D. Time Warner (TWX)

ANSWER: B. Bankrupt Tweeter got an unlikely boost from a bunch of twits!

3. Shares of Coronado BioSciences (CNDO) tumbled 67% to $1.91 in mid-October after the company blamed a higher-than-expected placebo response for the failure of its experimental Crohns Disease treatment in a Phase II study. What was the active ingredient of Coronados drug?
A. Altered cells found in the livers of Chickens
B. Irradiated soybeans
C. Live eggs of a parasite found in pig excrement
D. Expired Parmalat milk

ANSWER: C. Definitely not kosher for shareholders.

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