Plantronics (NYSE:PLT), a pioneer in wearable technology, is proud to announce that the winners and several finalists of the recent Seattle Interactive Conference Mobile App Hackathon employed its wearable concept device, Wearable Concept 1™.

In 18 hours, first place team built a gesture-detecting glove and accompanying air guitar game, Metalhead, taking advantage of Plantronics’ accelerometer-equipped Bluetooth® wearable concept for “head bang detection”.

Four of the event’s five finalists chose to leverage Plantronics’ wearable concept device to build and integrate into their apps:
  • Goal Physics: Placing third, Goal Physics is a soccer training app that uses Wearable Concept 1 and other wearable technologies to monitor biometric information such as head position, kick power, and neural attention to provide the player and coaches with real-time data about their technique.
  • Coach 2.0: Winner of the Plantronics Special Prize for best use of its wearable concept technology, Coach 2.0 helps coaches make critical decisions by providing them with player data collected by the wearable concept headset, such as number of falls, distance fallen, number of hits, and players’ head direction.
  • Runner Groove: An endless runner mobile game that uses the Plantronics Wearable Concept 1 as the controller, the on-screen character’s direction and motion is controlled by the player’s head orientation.

“We designed Wearable Concept 1 to provide developers with a platform that serves as an interface to the emerging Internet of Things, and we’re thrilled that the finalists in this exciting hackathon chose to leverage the capabilities of our solution,” said Cary Bran, senior director, Innovation and New Ventures at Plantronics. “The creativity on display and the range of applications developed at the event was inspiring. Congratulations to and the other finalists of the SIC Mobile App Hackathon.”

Wearable Concept 1 was built by PLT Labs, and is equipped with a low-latency, nine-axis sensor which tracks head orientation in three dimensions: heading, pitch and roll (the X, Y and Z axis). It also features tap detection and free-fall detection. Open APIs enable developers to leverage the onboard MFI chip for ease of integration with the iOS platform over Bluetooth® as well as the Windows® operating system. Sample applications can be found at the PLT Labs site Developers interested in joining the Plantronics Developer Connection can find more information at

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