NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If you're in need of a drinking buddy, you'll be hard-pressed here. We count down the least boozy states in the union.

Figures from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) which has released its latest analysis on the state of the drinking union, show the states home to the least number of boozehounds. By tallying sales of alcoholic beverages divided by census population data (all those aged 14 and older so don't discount those underage guzzlers), the Institute has brewed the numbers and come away with a per capita rate.

So sit back, relax -- grab a drink, we won't judge -- while we mark off the straight-laced neighbors of the country's booziest states.

How do you stack up against the rest in your state?

10th Least Drunk State: North Carolina

One of 18 alcohol beverage control (ABC) states, North Carolina's government has a tight hand over when, where and how much booze you can buy. On Sunday, the state bans beer and wine purchases before noon and all alcohol retailers must shut shop.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 2.01 gallons of ethanol (pure alcohol) per person

Beer: 186.68 cans per person (based on 4.5% alcohol content in a 16 oz. can)

Wine: 14.68 bottles per person (based on 12.9% alcohol content in a 25 oz. bottle)

Spirits: 5.5 bottles per person (based on 40% alcohol content in a 1-liter vodka bottle)

9th Least Drunk State: Ohio

Outside of college football parties, Ohio keeps it fairly tame, no doubt due to the state's restrictive alcohol laws. The state government enforces a 12% alcohol content cap on beer, and 21% cap on wine. As usual, the Buckeye State keeps its drinking age at 21, but those under 18 are permitted alcohol beverages with content less than 0.5% if accompanied by a parent or, creepily, legal-age spouse.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.98 gallons per person

Beer: 215 cans per person

Wine: 11.1 bottles per person

Spirits: 4.6 bottles per person

Equal 7th Least Drunk State: Georgia

Joined at the hip, or at least holding onto each other for support through its tipsier times, Georgia and Alabama tie for seventh place. The Peach State enforces a ban on public drunkenness, but not on public drinking at a state level. So do away with the brown bags, but remember to keep your pants on.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.97 gallons per person

Beer: 184.9 cans per person

Wine: 9.9 bottles per person

Spirits: 6.3 bottles per person

Equal 7th Least Drunk State: Alabama

Tied with Georgia for seventh place, the Heart of Dixie has strong ties to its prohibition past. Of Alabama's 67 counties, 17% prohibit the sale of alcohol (possession and consumption are in the clear though). According to state laws, municipalities with a population of more than 1,000 can appeal or repeal its "wet" or "dry" status by petition or election. Many counties have transitioned to "wet" because of the economic benefits of an alcohol tax.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.97 gallons per person

Beer: 202.5 cans per person

Wine: 9.4 bottles per person

Spirits: 5.6 bottles per person

6th Least Drunk State: Oklahoma

Oklahoma has some of the most watered-down beer in all the land, with a strict 3.2% alcohol content cap on its brews. It must be to its residents' taste though, since beer consumption is still fairly high, at 200.8 cans a person a year.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.91 gallons per person

Beer: 200.8 cans per person

Wine: 7.6 bottles per person

Spirits: 5.6 bottles per person

5th Least Drunk State: Kansas

Dorothy's home state has little tolerance for libations. From 1881 to 1948, all alcohol was prohibited. On-premises sales (bars and restaurants) were a no-go all the way until 1987. Of its 105 counties, 13 are still "dry," and the majority requires businesses to generate 30% of revenue from food sales to keep their liquor license. That's a lot of mozzarella sticks they need to sell.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.9 gallons per person

Beer: 190.1 cans per person

Wine: 5.6 bottles per person

Spirits: 6.5 bottles per person

4th Least Drunk State: West Virginia

Though state government lifted beer's alcohol cap to 13.9% from 6% in 2009, West Virginians just aren't big drinkers. At 1.85 gallons of pure alcohol consumed per person annually, and the lowest consumer of spirits, the Mountain State is a lightweight.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.85 gallons per person

Beer: 138.8 cans per person

Wine: 6.8 bottles per person

Spirits: 4.3 bottles per person

3rd Least Drunk State: Kentucky

They may make a mean bourbon but they're not so into drinking it. This might be because the Bluegrass State has some of the most confusing alcohol laws of all. For instance, in Kentucky, a patron can put beer on a tab but not spirits or wine, a 20-year-old can become a bartender but isn't allowed to consume the wares, and voters cannot purchase alcohol during primary or general elections but special elections are in the clear. Still following?

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.79 gallons per person

Beer: 174.3 cans per person

Wine: 7.6 bottles per person

Spirits: 6.2 bottles per person

2nd Least Drunk State: Arkansas

It's little wonder Arkansas takes the silver for most sober state. Of its 75 counties, more than half are "dry". Alcohol sales on Sunday are prohibited with few exceptions.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.72 gallons per person

Beer: 174 cans per person

Wine: 7.1 bottles per person

Spirits: 5.3 bottles per person

And, the best-behaved, most straight-laced state is...

The Least Drunk State: Utah

No surprise Utah takes the top spot, given its large Mormon population and conservative alcohol laws. The Beehive State drinks the least amount of beer per capita, is equal fourth place with Arkansas for least wine consumption, and ties for second with Ohio in spirits.

Prior to 2009, the only establishments that could sell beverages with higher than 3.2% alcohol content had to register as private clubs and sell memberships to patrons. Now, restaurants can serve alcohol but only with food and they must purchase beverages from state-controlled stores. These stores do not deliver, are closed on Sunday and shut up shop by 10 p.m. every other night. Convenient!

So congratulations on the honor, Utah, and thanks for making us all look bad.

Total pure alcohol consumed: 1.35 gallons per person

Beer: 121 cans per person

Wine: 7.2 bottles per person

Spirits: 4.6 bottles per person

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