LCMC (Louisiana Children’s Medical Center, Inc.), a non-profit corporation that operates three healthcare facilities in Louisiana, is extending the use of Conifer Health Solutions’ medical eligibility and financial counseling services to include LCMC’s newly leased, 200-bed Interim LSU Public Hospital in New Orleans. The agreement allows Interim LSU Public Hospital to refer uninsured or underinsured patients to Conifer Health to identify and match eligible patients to state and federal medical assistance programs.

“Healthcare reform is giving rise to new payment models, and our goal in this dynamic environment is for Conifer Health to help us improve cash flow, reduce bad debt and enhance patient advocacy within the New Orleans community,” said Suzanne Haggard, chief financial officer of LCMC’s Touro Infirmary. “LCMC has improved revenue cycle performance through its relationship with Conifer Health and that, coupled with their experience in medical eligibility assistance engagements, makes us confident that Conifer Health will create value for the Interim LSU Public Hospital.”

The medical eligibility and financial counseling services from Conifer Health provide uninsured or underinsured patients with financial advocacy advisors who identify eligibility with assistance programs such as State Medicaid, Social Security Disability Programs, Victims of Crime and other insurance programs and provide application assistance and counseling. By assisting Interim LSU Public Hospital patients in their effort to qualify for, and enroll in, medical assistance programs, Conifer Health can capture additional revenue for the hospital while connecting eligible patients with financial support for current and future healthcare needs.

“Conifer Health is proud to support the Interim LSU Public Hospital’s mission and its commitment to providing patient financial advocacy services to its patients,” said Allen Hobbs, Conifer Health’s chief client officer. “We are pleased to provide these patient-centered services and partner with LCMC’s leadership to enhance revenue and improve capital access.”

About LCMC

LCMC is a local, integrated healthcare leader managing some of the region’s most respected community hospitals. With Children’s Hospital, Touro, Interim LSU Hospital and University Medical Center (opening in 2015), we are proud to be the stewards of a legacy that goes back 160 years. A community-minded nonprofit, LCMC supports Louisiana’s best local healthcare with the people, processes, funding and expertise needed to strengthen the unique integrity of our community hospitals.

About Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions is a healthcare services company working to improve operational performance for more than 700 clients. The company’s expertise supports financial improvement, enhances the patient experience, and drives value-based performance. Through our revenue cycle management, patient communication and engagement, and value-based care solutions, we empower healthcare decision makers – hospitals, health systems, physicians, self-insured employers, and community and government health plans – to better connect at every point of patient engagement. We have more than 17.5 million patient interactions annually across all of our service lines. Conifer Health manages $25 billion in annual patient revenue, and provides technology and health management services to support care management for more than 4 million lives. For more information, call 1-877-CONIFER, visit or follow @coniferhealth on Twitter.

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