4. Sony PlayStation 3
Released: 2006
Global sales: 80.4 million

Sony was in the driver's seat when this generation of consoles first hit stores, yet somehow found a way to drive its new piece of hardware into a wall in its earliest days.

The original version of the PS3 had great little features including a Blu-ray disc player and backward-compatibility with the wildly popular PS2, but it was incredibly expensive compared with the other systems on the market. Even a few years into its release, the PlayStation 3 was being outsold by the PS2 here in the U.S. Security issues with the online PlayStation Network didn't help, nor did the fact that it never quite caught on in the U.S.

Sales in North America sit at roughly 27 million, which still trails not only the more than 40 million sales apiece of both the 360 and Nintendo Wii, but the nearly 33.5 million Nintendo Entertainment Systems sold here from the mid- to late-80s and early '90s. It is the least-popular PlayStation home console ever sold in the U.S. and owes a whole lot of its strength to the European market, where sales of Sony's Gran Turismo and Electronic Arts' (EA) FIFA Soccer series helped vault them into the PS3's best-selling games of all time.

The PS3 still lags behind the Xbox here in the states, but it's basically become Europe's Xbox. If the PS4 can get a better start out of the gate than its predecessor, the world may again be Sony's for the taking.

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