GE Transportation Announces New Software Products For Intermodal Terminal Operations At The Intermodal Association Of North America’s 31st Annual Intermodal Expo

GE Transportation’s Optimization Solutions, a leading provider of transportation management software and analytics to the railroad industry, is demonstrating several extensions to its OASIS intermodal terminal operating software system. These new technologies aimed at reducing terminal operating costs and improve terminal throughput will be featured during the 31 st Annual Intermodal Expo through November 19.

GE Transportation’s OASIS System is a leading intermodal rail terminal operating system (TOS) software used by terminal operators to manage, plan and optimize terminal operations. Installed at over 100 terminals across North America, the OASIS System allows operators to enhance yard and gate efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase yard and equipment utilization, boost throughput to handle increased capacity, and minimize errors and improve customer service.

OASIS Driver Mobile App

GE Transportation has also developed a native mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones that integrates drayage company drivers to the OASIS terminal operating system. This capability allows drivers to perform advance check-in and check-out, confirm unit locations, complete service requests, and receive parking location updates all from a mobile phone.

Large intermodal rail facilities are challenged by high truck volume and often simply serve the trucks in the order they arrive at a crane, which is not optimal. Efficiencies can be gained by calling the trucks to the crane to match the stacking order of the containers rather than shuffling boxes to serve the trucks on a first come first served basis. This enables the trucker with transactions to reduce their need to contact the terminal, helping terminals capture billable events and processes. Items like checking whether a waybill is in place before a trucker arrives at the gate can be managed through the mobile software application.

Stack Train Aerodynamic Optimization Tool

Fuel loss due to aerodynamic inefficiency is estimated as one gallon per mile. OASIS is developing a new “Stack Train Aerodynamic Optimization” capability that uses complex algorithms to manage the container matching and loading process on intermodal trains. The business outcome for railroads will be improved aerodynamic efficiency on intermodal trains and reduced fuel costs.

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