QlikView Provides CSS Versicherung With Company-Wide Fast And Dynamic Business Discovery Anytime, Anywhere

QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced that health insurance provider CSS Versicherung has rolled out QlikView to more than 600 employees to speed data analysis, drive competitive insight, and track customer satisfaction.

As a leading Swiss health insurer, the CSS Group offers basic insurance (KVG), daily indemnity insurance and various supplementary health insurance plans (VVG), as well as property insurance (liability, household contents) and life insurance plans. Prior to using QlikView, the organization relied mostly on static, manual reports. This approach was not only time consuming, but also made it difficult for employees to access and analyze key information. By implementing QlikView across its sales, services, engineering, computer science, and finance departments, CSS Versicherung was able to put BI into the hands of its employees, allowing them to quickly and easily explore data in real-time.

In the initial stage of its QlikView deployment, CSS Versicherung focused on three widely-used applications to deliver Business Discovery capabilities to employees. These include:
  • A Retail Business application that accesses more than 18 million sales records to provide users with insight on existing sales relationships and prospects;
  • A Cockpit for Customer Experience Management (CEM), which provides valuable information on customer satisfaction among policyholders; and
  • A Cockpit for Health Insurance Technique, which assesses more than 20 million records to better manage the reporting of the organization’s insurance rentability.

Both the CEM and Health Insurance Technique cockpits are available for mobile devices, allowing users to perform on-the-fly analytics regardless of where they are working. Additional mobile applications are planned for the future.

“Before engaging with QlikTech we knew we needed to better leverage our data to drive a competitive advantage – and we knew we needed to act fast. However, it wasn’t until we began using QlikView that we truly understood the potential BI held for our business,” said Xavier Horat, Head of Controlling and Reporting Technology Division in CSS Insurance. “After an extremely rapid deployment, we realized just how fast the opportunities were for us to capitalize on our data. QlikView has unlocked valuable insights across our organization and helps us keep in step with key performance indicators so we can promptly implement professional solutions as needed.”

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