ERHC Energy Inc. Commences Airborne FTG Survey Of Kenya Block 11A

HOUSTON, Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ERHC Energy Inc. (OTCBB:ERHE), a publicly traded American company with oil and gas assets in Sub-Saharan Africa, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, ERHC Energy Kenya Ltd., has commenced an airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) survey of Block 11A in northwestern Kenya. The FTG survey, which aids significantly in the structural mapping of prospective hydrocarbon basins, will encompass up to 15,500 line kilometers.

The announcement follows news from ERHC last week that it has concluded a farm-out agreement for Block 11A with a renowned integrated oil and gas company, subject to the consent of the government of the Republic of Kenya.

Block 11A encompasses approximately 11,950 square kilometers or 2.95 million acres, and is located to the north of the Lokichar Basin where the significant Ekales-1, Ngamia-1 and Twiga South-1 oil discoveries were drilled. The proximity and in-trend relationship of the Lotikipi plain – the main surface feature of Block 11A – with those blocks as well as the Abu Gabra Rift basins of southern Sudan, which are established petroleum provinces, suggest a high prospectivity for hydrocarbons.

"We are thrilled to be moving forward with this crucial element of ERHC's oil and gas exploration work program in Kenya," said Dr. Peter Thuo, general manager of ERHC Energy Kenya Limited. "The information currently being gathered will enable the exploration team to focus on the most promising areas for acquisition of 2D seismic data, which is the next step in the work program for the Kenya Block."

By flying a dense grid of flight lines, the FTG survey measures small changes in gravity caused by changes in density of subsurface rocks, providing valuable information which can be used to more accurately pinpoint hydrocarbon deposits. When combined with other existing geologic data, the information from the FTG survey will advance ERHC's understanding of the geological structure of the area, which helps us to identify potential leads and prospects.