You're already losing the game if you're giving someone a gift card for sandwiches as a holiday present.

Giving them one to a chain that was just sued by its franchisees for the second time in three years and whose sales have been sliding ever since Avenue Capital "saved" the company with a buyout in 2011 isn't just lame, it's practically an insult. For one thing, where is this person supposed to find a Quiznos?

At the start of 2009, Quiznos had nearly 4,400 locations. At the start of this year, it had little more than 1,900. Quiznos has closed more locations in that span than it has now. Of the locations that remain, about 20% are in gas stations and convenience stores.

Revenue has been just about cut in half and nobody's excited over toasted subs that U.S. eaters can now get just about anywhere. No, they're not on conveyor belts, but who has the time to wait for that kind of thing anymore? And who has the patience for a gift card that isn't even accepted at all Quiznos locations, has a $1 fee for two years of inactivity, gives buyers no idea when it expires and isn't replaceable if it's lost or stolen?

Nobody, which is why we're surprised this chain even bothers printing cards anymore.

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