Fairchild Semiconductor's Integrated Smart Power Stage (SPS) Module Provides Higher Power Density And Increased Efficiency (Graphic: Business Wire)

High efficiency and power density are critical factors that designers are challenged to provide within the shrinking available board space in next-generation server and telecom system power delivery applications.

To meet this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor developed the smart power stage (SPS) module family – a next-generation, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver power stage solution. This family leverages Fairchild’s DrMOS expertise to deliver high efficiency, high power density and high switching frequency in applications such as synchronous buck DC-DC converters in high-performance computing and telecom.

With an integrated approach, the complete switching power stage is optimized for driver and MOSFET dynamic performance, system inductance and power MOSFET R DS(ON). Smart power stage modules use Fairchild’s high-performance PowerTrench® MOSFET technology to reduce ringing, eliminating the need for a snubber circuit in most buck converter applications.

The SPS family offers designers thermal monitoring, programmable thermal shutdown, Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) circuitry and catastrophic fault detection. Thermal monitoring (TMON) accurately reports the temperature of the module, allowing designers to remove negative temperature coefficient (NTC) circuitry that in turn reduces PCB space, component counts and total bill of material (BOM) costs. The Programmable Thermal Shutdown (P_THDN) feature has an adjustable threshold, allowing designers to set the over temperature protection (OTP) point to accommodate system requirements.

The ZCD circuitry auto detects negative inductor current, allowing the module to enter Diode Emulation Mode, to improve the light load efficiency. Catastrophic Fault Detection latches off the driver’s output when a high-side MOSFET short is detected, protecting the system from damage.

The driver also has less than 3 µA shutdown current that maintains the low quiescent power of the system. The Dual Cool™ package allows the module to dissipate heat from both the bottom, through PCB, and the top side of module, through the air or use of a heatsink.

Building on Fairchild’s leading portfolio of DrMOS devices, the smart power stage module family is well suited for processor and memory multiphase regulators in servers, workstations and high-end motherboards, networking and telecom ASIC core voltage regulators, and small form-factor point-of-load voltage regulator modules.

Key Features:
  • Ultra-compact 5 mm x 5 mm x 0.75 mm PQFN with Dual Cool packaging technology
  • High current handling: 60 A
  • Three-state 3.3 V PWM & 5 V PWM input gate driver
  • Integrated Zero Cross Detect (ZCD) circuitry for better light load efficiency
  • Thermal monitor (TMON) for module temperature reporting
  • Programmable thermal shutdown (P_THDN)
  • Dual mode enable and catastrophic fault reporting pin
  • Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Optimized for switching frequencies up to 2 MHz
  • Low shutdown current: <3 µA

Price: in 1,000 quantity pieces








Availability: Samples available upon request

Delivery: 8-12 weeks ARO

These smart power stage modules are part of a comprehensive portfolio of advanced MOSFET technology that provides power designers with a wide range of solutions for mission critical high efficiency information processing designs. For more information, visit our website at: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/product-technology/smart-power-stage/

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