Financially, SIRI has reached critical mass. The satellite radio business is extremely expensive, but with subscription fees driving the firm to profitability now, the firm should have little trouble maintaining its impressive margins. Best of all, costs are effectively nil for the firm to activate additional radios, greatly lowering customer acquisition costs (since SIRI can use trials aggressively as a sales tool).

This stock isn't cheap, but momentum is coming back into shares this quarter.


In the last few years, Yahoo! ( YHOO) has become a punch line as a tech company that's lost relevance with the rest of the world. But in reality, the folks mocking this $36 billion tech giant are the ones who've lost touch. Believe it or not, Yahoo! is still a cash cow. Despite serious competition from a handful of Wall Street darlings, Yahoo! is still one of the most popular brands on the Internet, with a collection of destination sites that draw absolutely massive amounts of traffic.

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Yahoo!'s advertising network throws off considerable cash. The firm earned close to $300 million in profits in the latest quarter, buoyed by strong ad sales and hefty pass-through income from its stakes in Yahoo! Japan and Alibaba Group. Still, there's no question that Yahoo! isn't what it once was -- and that's exactly why CEO Marissa Mayer & Co. are working so hard to turn the ship around. If the firm can invest in its next big thing without destroying shareholder value in the process, it'll be a slam dunk for shareholders today.

Don't focus too hard on YHOO's earnings multiple; it's the jam-packed balance sheet that should be getting investors excited right now. As I write, around $5.84 of every share of Yahoo is paid for in a combination of net cash and investments -- that's close to 20% of the firm's market capitalization, a fact that provides some semblance of a safety net for investors.

With rising analyst sentiment coming into YHOO this week, we're betting on shares.


After spending much of the year in a downtrend, deep-water drilling firm Transocean ( RIG) is finally breaking higher. RIG shareholders have had a rough time in the last few years. The firm was on the hook for huge liabilities for its role in the Macondo blowout in 2010, and it's only recently put the worst behind it. Now this driller is worth a second look.

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