Xbox One And PS4: New Consoles, Old Problems?

George Tsemberlis, Kapitall: Are the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One new consoles set for a smooth, or rocky launch?

As  Microsoft (MSFT) and  Sony (SNE) enter the home stretch for this month’s releases of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles, both companies have possibly troubling news about their soon to be launched hardware.

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Privacy concerns, dropped launch features and other hardware changes have some gamers worried, and bring to mind the day-one issues that plagued the last console generation.

Click on the interactive chart below to see prices for both companies over the last console generation.

The Xbox One launch is scheduled for November 22. Game developers report that late iterations of Microsoft’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Xbox One operating system have been buggy and in some instances crashing, lengthening the already tight QA and submission process for launch day games.

Developers have also been claiming that graphically, the Xbox One is not as robust as the PS4, which has put Microsoft on damage control as gamers decide which system to purchase.

Customers are expressing privacy concerns raised by the integration of the Microsoft Kinect into the Xbox One console. Microsoft has acknowledged that the Kinect camera will use:
  • Ambient conversations
  • Voice chat
  • Even the faces/skeletal structures of people in the room.
  • All of which will provide information to Microsoft, developers, and third-party marketers.

Microsoft is reassuring customers that information will not be personally identifiable, and that privacy opt-outs and the ability to turn off the system will be functional at release.

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