The Edge That Will Send Pandora Past $30

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It's not going to happen today ... but I expect Pandora's ( P) next leg to be up featuring a move past $30.

We have exited stage one of investor and smart generalist denial. During this misguided era, the mere mention of a Pandora killer sent shares plummeting. Now, no matter what happens -- new Internet radio combatants or a secondary stock offering -- the stock doesn't do much more than ebb and flow.

However, we're now in stage two of Pandora denial.

Thanks to Apple's ( AAPL) iTunes Radio presence, the investor as well the smart generalist remains hesitant to fully and unconditionally endorse Pandora.

Given the company's superiority (and technological head start) as a personalized radio and music discovery platform, there's no way even fine products from Apple, Rdio and others can touch Pandora.

Here's an anecdotal specimen:

Yes, that might be anecdote, but I reckon it's an experience a considerable number of Internet radio listeners have been having, in one way, shape or form, independent of one another.

Another anecdote: Over the weekend, my daughter was happy to find "The Voice Radio" on iTunes Radio. When that ran its course, she turned to a straightforward iTunes Radio stream, where she proceeded to skip, skip and skip again. That's something she never does with, say, "One Direction Radio" on Pandora.

Why? I partially explain it in the video. I'll further illustrate what I'm saying here.

Take a look at these screen captures from Rdio, Clear Channel's ( CCMO) iHeart Radio and Apple's iTunes Radio.

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