And here's what they would have heard: the businesses of Priceline, Groupon and Disney are firing on all cylinders and 2014, what we are investing for, is setting up as a remarkable year for all three.

First, Priceline, which has been chronically underestimated by Wall Street because the snob analysts would never use its service, has been able to instantly leverage what is now looking like a brilliant acquisition of Kayak to expand even faster than it had been. That's why the stock reversed and is now just slightly lower.

Second, you would have heard that Groupon's new management team, Chairman Ted Leonsis and CEO Eric Lefkosky, have cracked the mobile code for Groupon and a mobile coupon and deal company is much more powerful than a static one. The company's a cellphone marketplace. It's going to be a very big stock for 2014 and that's why it reversed and is now up 15% from the bottom of last night's trading.

Disney's probably the silliest of all. The analysts, almost to a person, seemed freaked out by some perceived slowing in ESPN, but the company explained it all away cogently and completely by talking about how some fees had been taken in a previous quarter. So the stock then u-turns and goes up four points.

To me, this is all totally idiotic. It's one thing when you get a stock wrong, as I did, relying on Goldman Sachs research and some previous comments by management, for example, that The Gap ( GPS) was doing terribly when it turned out that things were actually fabulous. My bad.

It's another thing to simply not even wait for answers and just go shooting. Remember the tales of Priceline, Groupon and Disney. They are poster boys of why I always warn you not to trade after hours. And if you waited and did the homework, you could have made an overnight fortune.

Action Alerts PLUS, which Cramer co-manages as a charitable trust, has no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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