New Lodging Industry Study Finds Stain Removal Is The Top Challenge In Hotel Laundry

In a recent study conducted by Satisfaction Management Systems, a Minneapolis-based market research and consulting firm, 70 percent of laundry professionals in the lodging industry said stain removal presents their biggest challenge 1.

In response to research data and feedback from studies conducted with 300 customers, Ecolab has improved its StainBlaster™ product line to effectively tackle the toughest stains and help produce the best results – clean, white and soft laundry.

“With linen replacement accounting for up to 25 percent of overall laundry costs 2, removing stains and extending linen life is essential in today’s lodging laundry operations,” said Jim Tarara, vice president of Research, Development & Engineering for Ecolab’s Global Institutional business. “The inability to remove stains effectively not only wastes money, it can also impact guest satisfaction ratings and harm a brand’s reputation.”

The StainBlaster line encompasses four proprietary products.

Ecolab StainBlaster Multi-Purpose features a proprietary detergent combination designed to save customers time and money by replacing three separate pre-treatment products with one unique formula. StainBlaster Multi-Purpose removes the most common stains laundry professionals face, such as grease, oil, ink, blood, lipstick, body soils and food.

Ecolab StainBlaster Specialty is formulated to eliminate the most challenging stains such as foundation makeup and baseball clay. It also aids in the removal of sunscreen stains.

“Our customers told us they need a product to effectively remove tough stains containing high amounts of metals that stick to linens and cause discoloration,” said Tarara. “StainBlaster Specialty attacks those metals to neutralize stains, prolonging the life of wash cloths, pillow cases and more.”

Two other products round out Ecolab’s laundry stain management program: StainBlaster Destainer, for use on bleachable stains such as coffee, tea, wine, fruit juice and mildew; and StainBlaster Rust Remover for removing spots caused by rust and iron.

Tarara added that average life of a bath towel is 50 turns, hand towels last about 25 turns and washcloths 10 turns 3 with a “turn” defined as once through the entire laundry process -- sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying, folding and placing the clean linen in a guest room for use.

For a typical 150-room hotel, the average cost of doing laundry is more than $200 per day. Over a year’s time, a 150-room hotel will spend approximately $75,000 on its laundry operation, and of that total, about $18,750 or 25 percent will be for linen replacement 4. By effectively removing stains, a hotel can help optimize its laundry operation and save money by reducing the need to purchase new linens.

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