TRADE NEWS: Agilent Technologies’ Conformance Test System Enables Certification Of First Chinese NFC Controller Chipset

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that the Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics FM1930 chip, the first near field communication (NFC) controller chipset developed by a Chinese microelectronics company, has successfully achieved NFC Forum certification using the Agilent RIDER T3111S RFID HF Conformance Test System. The work was led by the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Technology & Industry Promotion Center (ICC) and the TA Certification Lab.

The FM1930 controller chipset supports all three common NFC functionalities, including reader/writer, peer to peer (P2P) and card emulation.

TA is the first lab authorized by the NFC Forum Certification Program in China. TA cooperated with ICC and used NFC Forum-validated test equipment from Agilent to perform the NFC Forum digital certification.

The Agilent RIDER T3111S HF Conformance Test System has supported the NFC Forum certification program since its inception and is available in many NFC Forum-authorized certification labs worldwide.

“We appreciate the professional technical support from Agilent, ICC and TA during this certification process,” said Mr. Liu Yifei, assistant general manager of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group. “Our certification demonstrates the compliance of our NFC controller chipsets and is a key milestone in our NFC strategy. We are the only vendor that can provide the NFC controller chip in mainland China. Having added NFC SE and NFC Tag chips, we now offer a complete NFC chip solution for our customers both here and abroad.”

“With our rich experience in the UHF RFID and NFC testing arena for many years, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Technology & Industry Promotion Center is committed to building a first-class RFID test technology and service lab in China,” said Mr. Jiang Qifeng, director assistant of ICC. “In the NFC area, we are proud of our long-term technical collaboration with Agilent, which has given us the expertise necessary to help our customer accomplish the China-made chipset’s first NFC Forum certification. With China’s ‘Internet of Things’ [IoT] industry accelerating, we continue to offer our support to our customers in RFID and IoT.”

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