Frontier Communications Inducted Into Military Spouse Employment Partnership

Frontier Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: FTR) is now a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). In a ceremony today at the Pentagon, Executive Vice President for Human Resources & Administrative Services Cecilia K. McKenney represented Frontier at the new partner induction. More than 11 percent of Frontier employees are military veterans and reservists, and the MSEP extends the company’s robust commitment to military families across the country.

The MSEP is part of the Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program and connects military spouses to more than 200 partner employers. These employers are committed to helping spouses find employment, increase their education and experience, and achieve career and personal goals. The MSEP includes corporations, small businesses and other organizations that post job openings on the MSEP Career Portal, mentor other MSEP partners and communicate the value of military spouse employees.

“Joining the Military Spouse Employment Partnership is a natural extension of our company’s commitment to hiring those who have served our country,” said Ms. McKenney. “Our locations in 27 states, competitive compensation and Work-at-Home programs offer military families stability but also the flexibility mandated by frequent relocations and tours of duty. We believe active military personnel can better execute their missions and focus on their personal safety and that of their troops if they know their families are secure. That is our duty and commitment to our service men and women.”

Frontier is creating a video for Veterans Day to express its appreciation of employee/veterans, as well as active, and reserve members of the military and their families. Frannie Reid, a long-time employee and military spouse, speaks movingly of her family’s pride in her husband, an active member of the National Guard and the Army.

As Ms. McKenney notes, “Frannie says she `holds down the fort while her husband is away serving our country,’ and that humility is typical of those who do the hard work of keeping home and hearth together and `normal’ while a military spouse or partner is in service." Ms. McKenney calls Mrs. Reid the voice of many military spouses, adding, “We hope this video helps highlight that commitment and service and increase employment opportunities through MSEP.”

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