Google Should Buy Tesla

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The idea of Google (GOOG) acquiring Tesla Motors (TSLA) isn't a far cry, nor is it a gimmick by me to drive traffic. The rationale behind the takeover actually makes a lot of sense when delved into.

Last week I wrote Autonomous Cars Driving the Future, which highlighted the incredible advances in what was once considered a fantasy. It also touched on how consumer sentiment -- which admittedly has come a long way -- is the main barrier holding it back, not technology. 

I won't beat around the bush: Google should buy Tesla for its wealthy, early adopter customer base and premium automobile manufacturing. 

No other company has made more noise this year than Tesla and perhaps no other person more than its CEO Elon Musk. While usually taunting bears and toting his company, the dynamic innovator, who I've called one of the most brilliant of our time, recently questioned the stock's valuation. 

Bulls must be confounded as to why he would do such a thing. Maybe Musk was able to see into the future, like he does with so many other things, and realize that a "bubble" might be forming in his stock.

But who really knows why he did it. Maybe the stock will finally end its parabolic move higher and come down to what we call Earth. What could be better for a potential buyer, like Google? 

Google is one of, if not, the leader in autonomous driving. While the company dabbles within other areas like wearable technology and space, self-driving cars could perhaps be one of the biggest markets imaginable. 

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